17 Oct 2014

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man.

Graphic stolen from www.victorybaptistharvey.com

One of my favourite subjects from my high school days was creative writing. Not that I did much of it as you might be able to tell but I dig trying to find interesting ways to describe things. Seems to me, convenient terms of reference served with a healthy dose of imagination and excitement can paint a picture far more accurately than plain speaking. I guess, these days Bukowski, Thompson, Lynch and Burroughs are kinda 'Old Guys' but I'd have thought, given the cyclic nature of human culture, our (re)-reinventing and the frail nature of celebrity disposition and its habit of being lost in time for the sake of a good tune. I'd have though their good works would leave some template, a lasting example. One to be learned from and stamped on our psyche. One to be built on whilst not forgetting on whose shoulders we stand but to be proud of, add to and in turn make us just a little better if not a little more human or even artistic. Nar.

Anyway, all good. I received a little feedback from my last few posts and it got me thinking. I do rant. That's kinda the point with this thing and I think that's the fun bit. I hope that comes across because, apart from the stuff I try to tell you I like, most of this is all bullshit. It's a laugh and an exercise for me while I explore the world I float around in. There is enough serious shit going on and I'm sure you get your share and do your learning and I'm not here to teach. I help where I can even if it's not enough for some but in here is the fun stuff. Art for me is about peace and soul. Maybe I don't make enough of that. I just don't know. Maybe my descriptions are too much icing and not enough cake. Maybe my writing is worse than I thought (although that would be amazingly bad. Huh!) I donno and none of that is gonna change is it and I don't mind, even as much as I try. I wonder if Facebook, with its quick response and sound bite conversations are all we can collectively handle now. I really hope that's not true but the evidence is stacking up. I know we all worry about the future as we grow and whose hands it may fall in. I also know that's been going on since day one so I'm not the dude who loses sleep over that stuff cause that's Nietzsche's monsters right there. I just hope that we will still taste the fancy cake, smell the pretty flower, read the books not on the top 20 shelf and the text, not just the headline.

So, to answer a couple of questions:

Do you smoke pot? - No.

Do you take LSD? - No

Do you take drugs? - No.

Do you worship Satan? - No.

Do you believe in Satan? - I'm Agnostic.

Do you believe in God? -  I'm Agnostic.

Do you like Black metal? - Often, No.

Do you like Damien Hirst? - I don't know Damien Hirst.

Why do you like gory stuff? - I don't.

Cheers. You can leave comments if you like.

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