11 Feb 2014

Sleeping dogs.

Some days sculpting can be tough. Like to today's glooming afternoon sky. I'm lucky though today as it started with the good news that my entry into the "A book about death" open exhibition arrived at it's new home safely. Swings and roundabouts eh. 

It'll take years before that photo you took will look like the person you lost.

The call is open until 30th September 2014 so if you are interested you still have plenty of time to check it out. Here is the wordpress site of curator Sonja Benskin Mesher and the facebook group is here. Look after yourselves.

9 Feb 2014

Tickets please?

From Thursday 19th June to Sunday 22nd June 2014 the Wigram Events Center will be hosting the Christchurch Art Show.

From the site: 

The Christchurch Art Show is the South Island's new premier annual art sales event. The show will make its debut this June in the 1500 square meters of space available at the Events Centre in the Wigram Air Force Museum.
Our event is a stellar opportunity for new, emerging and established artists to showcase and sell their works in our three day art extravaganza!
Artists! Apply now. Promote yourself and your work to the public of Canterbury who love art. Network with other artists, socialise, show and sell a body of your work to a large public audience. If you are an artist then be discovered!
The Christchurch Art Show Opening Night provides the opportunity to preview the art works prior to the public viewings on the weekend show days and to see our first awards presentation.
There will be a large selection of artworks available over the three day show. If you are coming to view and buy then you can discover something beautiful to take home and adorn your wall. Come and see the art show! Be a part of Christchurch's unique identity and become a part of a vibrant Christchurch.

Sounds like a great event and although I'm not really sure what "be discovered" means, it could be a good opportunity for emerging artists. Time will tell as to how "open" this event really is. I suspect however, we can read a little into the fact it is a ticket only event. I hope I'm just a pessimistic bastard and this is oriented towards a community/educational/inspirational event as well as making some cash (cause I'm not a hippy). I'm kinda gutted not to be there for this one but if you are please drop me a line and give me the gossip?

8 Feb 2014

A Book About Death

My entry is off.

From the site- A BOOK ABOUT DEATH was launched as an underground, global art project in September 2009 at the Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery in New York City, New York. It was conceived and curated by American artist Matthew Rose as an open, unbound book on the subject of death. Taking the name, A Book About Death from the artist Ray Johnson, Rose paid homage to the founder of mail art and at the same time offered artists to explore the theme of death through post card sized works in an edition of 500; thus the “book.” The NYC exhibition was extremely well attended and set off a series of exhibitions around the world – ABAD – numbering thus far, 27, the most recent taking place in Australia. With an archival set of the New York ABAD show (487 works) new exhibitions touch upon particular, local themes but draw from a growing and global well of artists. All exhibitions invite artists to mail in their works, usually in post card format.

For more inforation check out this link.