9 Feb 2014

Tickets please?

From Thursday 19th June to Sunday 22nd June 2014 the Wigram Events Center will be hosting the Christchurch Art Show.

From the site: 

The Christchurch Art Show is the South Island's new premier annual art sales event. The show will make its debut this June in the 1500 square meters of space available at the Events Centre in the Wigram Air Force Museum.
Our event is a stellar opportunity for new, emerging and established artists to showcase and sell their works in our three day art extravaganza!
Artists! Apply now. Promote yourself and your work to the public of Canterbury who love art. Network with other artists, socialise, show and sell a body of your work to a large public audience. If you are an artist then be discovered!
The Christchurch Art Show Opening Night provides the opportunity to preview the art works prior to the public viewings on the weekend show days and to see our first awards presentation.
There will be a large selection of artworks available over the three day show. If you are coming to view and buy then you can discover something beautiful to take home and adorn your wall. Come and see the art show! Be a part of Christchurch's unique identity and become a part of a vibrant Christchurch.

Sounds like a great event and although I'm not really sure what "be discovered" means, it could be a good opportunity for emerging artists. Time will tell as to how "open" this event really is. I suspect however, we can read a little into the fact it is a ticket only event. I hope I'm just a pessimistic bastard and this is oriented towards a community/educational/inspirational event as well as making some cash (cause I'm not a hippy). I'm kinda gutted not to be there for this one but if you are please drop me a line and give me the gossip?

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