9 Apr 2018

Mr Pineapple Head

Mr Pineapple Head, Resin Art Toy, 138mm x 80mm x 78mm, Resin, steel

The Mr Pineapple Head are an edition of 6, signed and numbered blister on card, solid resin, non-articulated figures.

Mr Pineapple Head on backing card

Mr Pineapple Head, blister pack on card

6 Apr 2018

Hsu Tung Han

Hsu Tung Han is a Taiwanese artist working in wood. Everything I've been able to find online about Hsu describes his work/style as pixelated. I'm not sure that is completely accurate. Of course pixelation is there but it seems to point to motion, like watching a third generation kung fu VCD from a back street stall.

But just when the image starts to slot back together something else happens. The distortion seems to have life. Just for a second the pixels seem to become force. Is it gravity? Is it the air flowing over these frozen forms? Is it their will? 

As fast as these questions arise they are dissolved into the next. They seem to oscillate or breathe into each other. I'm captivated by this work. I feel like a child at a breast, hungry yet content.

For more from Hsu, please google or follow his Instagram. I've yet to find a better source or website.