23 Feb 2017

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

There seems to be a lot going at the moment. I'm undecided if that is true or I'm actually paying attention. I stopped watching News shows when I moved to the UK. The city of my birth had a sizable earthquake and the coverage was passing at best. That taught me all there is to know about the medium. I'm fully aware no "story" will give you the complete picture nor will it begin to give you the ambience. Growing up in NZ it was pretty easy to take the News at face value and attach it to my own experience. In this respect, moving around the world a couple of times was the best thing I think I have ever done, for my own growth and for increasing my understanding of my ignorance. Nowadays most of what I think or say is punctuated with "I could be wrong" or "fucked if I know". I feel far more responsible with these responses in my arsenal. I have no idea what is happening in the States. I'm so undecided about so many things it's hard to form any sort of opinion about much of it. I also obviously don't live there so tapping the zeitgeist is impossible. I am though immensely glad the morning after troubles have subsided. Have they? I'm too old for smashing shit up. I'm not so much committed to peaceful protest as I am unsure about the alternatives and the older you get you grow cautious. I can't afford a new hip ya know. Well, they say, we stand on the shoulders of giants. This not only I believe, I know. Evidence is everywhere and we now have it at our fingertips. No longer is history written by the winner. It's all here in bits and bites. 

If you have read much of this blog, or if I have crafted these words enough, you'll know I'm expert on little but I do know to find help when I need it. Please don't take this as offering advice. I wouldn't be so presumptuous but these times we find ourselves in are not the only time things have been rocky. It's only the strong backs of said Giants that make it seem so. Hence we should turn to them. So I offer this to you. I watch this doco and a similar one I've written about here at least once a year. When the world seems tough and stale faced and I find myself slowly moving in a direction there's often no coming back from this and "Your mommy kills animals" reminds me there are lessons that have been learned by many far better than I. That wants and needs are not the same. That solve must be postfixed with et coagula. If you find shit a bit rough, now or in the future. If you feel like the harshness demands equal in return. Respectfully, maybe this or the link above might just be what you need. 

Stay safe, don't break stuff

2 Feb 2017

Gaga for Dada. The receiving end of groceries

Recently a friend posted a link to a UK TV show on social media. Being a person of questionable attention span I became nostalgic for the British styled medium. Cue hours wasted on YouTube. Consequently, I stumbled on this documentary presented by the sweet smelling Vic Revees. I'm posting it here in justification and atonement for my virtual and working hour sins. Eat it up before the man takes it back