23 Jul 2013

Twice daily with food.

If you are anything like me I'm sure you spend hours grazing links and art works online. I have at least a dozen sites I visit everyday for the run-down. Most of which are high-end clothing houses but it aren't easy looking this good.


I wanted to share some of the stuff I check out because some of these sites, Artists, Writers and Admins have given so much pleasure and knowledge to me and my fellow readers it's the least I could do. So in no particular order, here is one. Lioncorn is great. It's an Art, culture blog. Always something interesting.


Propnomicon is a prop focused site leaning strongly towards the Lovecraft mythos. Up-dated with incredible regularity, propnomicon is an all ways interesting stop off. It also places great focus to learning, ideas and technique.         

Replica prop forum

The Replica prop forum is the largest prop builders forum. It is an amazing database of knowledge thanks to the incredibly talented members and a great community.


From the website: "The beinArt Collective was formed to increase public awareness of strange figurative art, in galleries, online and in print."  Lots of incredible work and Artists. 
Colossal is an Art and design blog. Always interesting and inspiring stuff. 
So, there you go. Have a look at these if you get a chance. I'm sure you'll find them handy. And to all the content providers out there hacking away, Thank you.