7 Jun 2015

Surveillance cameras operate in this area.

I posted one of these on social media a while back and as I am sure you can imagine, the comments were text book. I'd been meaning to post SurveillanceCameraMan's videos here too but kinda got side tracked but also, wasn't sure if this was really of the minuet. Topical, yes but when I stumbled upon it, it almost seemed like a recap. I'm not sure I can explain that without sounding like I don't absolutely love this stuff but I suspect you'll know what I'm on about.

Forward twelve months or so and over the last few weeks Richard Prince has seized the press. Now before you buddy up as a fellow Prince fan I have to tell you, a fan I am not. His re-appropriation is in my opinion just really lame. The first time I heard about him I actually thought his concept was pretty cool and a fairly stiff middle finger to tweed and old port. It seemed like a warning of things to come... I'm sure you can see where I'm at. It's the same old joke and although his latest targets are fresh, almost poignant, I just can't get excited about it.

So I'll leave these for you here. A little different than Prince's angle I know but infinitely slicker in my belief. I'd love to know more about Mr SurveillanceCameraMan and I sincerely hope he has more tricks up his sleeve. There are currently eight videos on the SurveillanceCameraMan accounts on Liveleak and Dailymotion as well as one on YouTube with an interesting description.