26 Nov 2012

Survival Research Laboratories

I've been a big fan of Survival Research Laboratories since about 1999 when I stumbled across them while I should have been working on my graphics diploma. Back then and for many years previously I'd wanted a droid. I still do but thanks to Mr Pauline and S.R.L. I now realise you can't keep wild animals. Follow the link below to Lioncorn blogspot and a great video of Mr Mark Pauline.

15 Nov 2012

Death heads

I started this project last year while living in Nottingham. I was volunteering at a great lil Gallery up there Called the Crocus Gallery (link below) and I hoped this would be my first piece in there. Alas I bit off a bit more than I could chew. I really under estimated how long these babies would take.  The idea is in is to have a series of five heads and five transitional stations depicting different stages of ceremony, science or knowledge in regards to the history of death or burial. To date I have only managed to finish two.

 The first it a replica of an Egyptian mummy. It uses real human hair (thanks ebay) and the skin is just trusty ol air dry clay. 

The second is a sectioned anatomically correct head. This is also just air dry clay on a cast plaster skull. Both are life sized and very heavy. 

The next one is in the works at the moment but is slow going as time is currently similar to hens teeth. I'm hoping to have it knocked early next year and then it's only two more to go.
 If you're in Nottingham pop into the Crocus Gallery. There is always something interesting going on in there and they are a very talented and friendly group.

9 Nov 2012

Left hand and heart of a convicted Witch.

Here is a little prop set I put together from an old wooden box and some odd and ends. Most of the paper props you see in the photos are items I'm collecting for a "From The Mountains Of Madness" set but I think they look good combined here.

 It seems the most famous Witch trials in England were the Pendle witches of 1612. The twelve women lived in the Pendle Hill area in Lancashire and were charged with the murders of ten people by the use of witchcraft. All but two were tried at Lancaster Assizes on 18th and 19th August and subsequently executed.

Witches hands were often kept as trophies and good luck charms. Of course eventually "good taste" prevailed and keeping (witches) human hands on the mantle became thought of a little crass. The good god fearing folk then, with little choice, turned their blades to the only other possible accomplice to 17th century evil. The rabbit and his lucky foot.

Here's the finished product and the next one is the base of the box. I added another faux museum label and a random worn serial/item number sticker to hint at a bit of trading history.
I'm pretty happy with how this turned out and have a few more mythos style projects in the works including a Lovecraft inspired one I'm really excited about.

7 Nov 2012

Christmas rush

I haven't posted anything for ages as I felt this blog was becoming a little more serous than I had first intended. So this is the beginning of a lighter approach to what I've been up to. These are a few skulls I've case in for a weekly market that's is going to be happening in the run up to Christmas. They are cast in crystal r plaster and painted with a mix of acrylic and enamel paint in various styles. I also have a few taxidermy Faries, Necromancer fountain pens made from chicken bones and a few other odds and ends. The market is run by a very hard working a very nice local couple in conjunction with their own business No Guts No Glory (check out their shop at the link below). It's a great day out and always very interesting with new sellers and hand made products every time. Pop down and say Hi if your in Exeter.  Those of you with keen eyes may notice a lil something in the background too;-)
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!