27 Nov 2013

The bottom of the info chain


I only just heard about this. Really interesting stuff. It seems the suspicion lays with the usual suspects, I think they do anyway but none the less, truly cool and art no-doubt in many forms. Shit like this makes me wish I was cleaver.

8 Nov 2013

Dragon Blood - Serpent Scales

The very beautiful Castello del Buonconsiglio in Trento Italy is currently the home of the very entertaining exhibition Dragon Blood - Serpent Scales. I was there a few weeks ago and despite my diet of Vino Rosso, I was lucky to figuratively stumbled on it. As if visiting a castle as intact and functioning as Buonconsiglio isn't enough, the exhibition is amazing. It's subject is slightly loose but mainly centred around myth and early 19th century assemblage rooms. Enough said! 

The myth of Actaeon

Wandering the grand halls you'll see sculpture, paintings, architecture, and drawings, 17th century-masters to Egyptian mummies and gaff from before there was a sideshow. 

This is no Fee jee mermaid, it is an original.

I wasn't able to get too many photos of the show as the security were pretty intense but if you find yourself in the wonderful hills of Trentino the show is definitely worth stopping in to see.

Fountain of Neptune, Piazza Duomo Trento

I would suggest trying to get a little Italian under your belt before you go as the citizens of Trento, for the most part seem a little anti visitor compared to other more "touristy" parts of Italy but still worth a look. Like I said, even just going for Dragon Blood - Serpent Scales would be worth it.