13 Apr 2017

10 Apr 2017

Gerard Geer - Chimaephera

Gerard Geer's work seems to be in a constant curve of intricacy. This combining and re-imagining is often copied but none do it to this level. The handmade/natural nature of both the bone Chimeras and grown crystals seem at first, to inhabit dusty alchemy texts or religious tomes but the longer I look at them they begin to morph. A slight metallic taste of the future creeps in, nano tech morphology, perhaps genetic manipulation or free forming. It's not clear to me at all, suffice to say the product is more than the sum of the parts. Like movies, I like art that poses questions, not answers. Gerard Geer for me is that in spades. I hear Geer has a solo show "Chimaephera" opening on the 6th of May at the BeinArt Gallery in Melbourne.