25 Jul 2014

The mystery of Shain Erin

Not a month goes by without the mysterious Shain Erin's work popping up somewhere on the internets. It's only now though, three years after any sign of activity, that the mystery is beginning to peak. Whispers, suspicion, fear, rumour. Who and where? Is there more work? Why no word? Erin is missed and the quality of his work only makes the loss even more potent. 

Hecate Sculpture

Mummy Art Doll Sculpture – M33

The Seer: Journeys of the Soul

Study for a Portrait of a Human Soul #1 (Female Nude)

Join the search for Mr Erin by checking  out his Morbid Dolls site. Thank you for the work Shain. Best wishes, sincerely. B.

9 Jul 2014

Fortunio Liceti - Monsters

After a few days of recovering from the shock of a reverse Centaur exposing himself I feel Liceti is in order. Like Gaff, the tradition of drawing monsters deserves yet receives little respect. I'm not sure if ya just can't teach taste or that middle of the road, pretty flowers and picket fences is a kind of malaria. Suffices to say Fortunio Liceti (drinking buddy to Galileo no less) could kick Walt Disney's ass.

If your still thirsty for the disturbed in a similar vain, try Monster Brains from Aeron Alfrey, because everyone deserves a good nightmare.