26 Dec 2013

Gaia, The birth of an end. Photography by Kerry Mitchell.

Gaia, The Birth of an End © Kirsty Mitchell

Here is a short but stunning film of the creation of one of Kerry's works. Filmed and edited by fxmedia.

Kerry Mitchell's Blog is here.

20 Dec 2013

Look but please don't touch

I've been meaning to post this for a while but I've been traveling a bit and the internet is sparse in China.

Cthulhu idol

The mighty Propnomicon posted this picture of a piece he'd made a while back. I am partially taken with the stone texture although the sculpting work is very good as well. 

I've not worked much with polymer clay much and am in the process of remedying this at the moment. I love using new materials and this has been on my do-to list for years, it's creations like this one that have attracted me. Click the photo and check the comments to find out a little about it's creation or better yet, get some of this stuff under your finger nails!