20 Mar 2012

Thief of the wings.

Thief of the wings. Mixed media 300mm/250mm. Hanging work.

This is my first post after finding my long lost account and finally spending some time figuring out how to use it, so I thought I start with something almost positive. 
We have yet to discover life any where else in the universe but the diversity of creatures we have on Earth never cease to amaze me. I find it comforting that as strange as any number of organisms may seem, we continue to discover new species right under our proverbial noses, which not only redefine the term strange but also our understanding of life. It seems the possibilities are endless as far as biological make up goes and every day we learn more about our planet and ourselves. It seems the lesson here is that there is no one way to "be". Problem is, as humans we still haven't learnt it. 
We strive every day to become more and more homogenized and feel peace only once the latest trend or viewpoint has been carefully institutionalized into our lives. This is especially true if we find our wardrobe has become culturally dated or our physical appearance contra to popular taste. I'm we'll known in this part of the world as a true fashionista and as such I am aware how important it is to this great nation that my dress and physique are maintained like a finely tuned machine. I take such pride in this, that in fact I have an account at a local dry cleaners to ensure my giant yellow chicken suit is always ready for the weekend. I realise this attire will soon catch on and I will quietly be proud but all the same I will have already moved on. Not to a new trend but to a new me. I'm not competing, I'm growing.

We will always be required to consider ourselves. Our partners, friends and colleges will always depend on and want us to be our best. But we must also remember to consider ourselves because it is right. It is appropriate, to ensure we are the best us we can be. Although social Our differences are us. All of us.
You may look with envy at others. You could covert a car, job, wardrobe, bank balance. Do so for interest, for analysis and even comparison. Adjust yourself, reassess everything about your person and way. But do these things for yourself, to make you better at being you. Change your ideas and ideology but in doing so keep to your own path. Share it with others. Help them understand you if they ask. Love being you. Even when things turn to shit. Love your cards, play them with pride. It may not be a good day today but that doesn't change who you are. The only reasons humans hate are fear and jealously.