15 Nov 2012

Death heads

I started this project last year while living in Nottingham. I was volunteering at a great lil Gallery up there Called the Crocus Gallery (link below) and I hoped this would be my first piece in there. Alas I bit off a bit more than I could chew. I really under estimated how long these babies would take.  The idea is in is to have a series of five heads and five transitional stations depicting different stages of ceremony, science or knowledge in regards to the history of death or burial. To date I have only managed to finish two.

 The first it a replica of an Egyptian mummy. It uses real human hair (thanks ebay) and the skin is just trusty ol air dry clay. 

The second is a sectioned anatomically correct head. This is also just air dry clay on a cast plaster skull. Both are life sized and very heavy. 

The next one is in the works at the moment but is slow going as time is currently similar to hens teeth. I'm hoping to have it knocked early next year and then it's only two more to go.
 If you're in Nottingham pop into the Crocus Gallery. There is always something interesting going on in there and they are a very talented and friendly group.


  1. The mummy is especially good, it looks very lifelike, if you know what I mean.

  2. Hahaha yes, Cheers Piers:-) I think if it wasn't in my house I'd make it smell as well:-)