30 Oct 2014

An age of reason

Georgia Guidestones

I'm sure you've heard about the recently placed '20-14 Georgia Guidestone Block'. Well, on the 25th of September is was removed and destroyed by an official from Elberton under the watchful eye of the Elbert County Sheriffs Department. A video of the removal was posted online and gave everyone a good look at the block from all sides. I'm sure that was not the outcome or publicity they were hoping for but the result has so far been many 'End is nigh' sandwich boards and a bizarrely interesting video by MrCati. I've tried very hard to watch and follow the video but alas, Mr Cati is either leaping too fast for me or jumping at shadows. Nothing against the dude but I'm really not yet sure which it is. It seems to me some of the conclusions are based on far more than the 'block' itself. Things I just don't know about or just don't see. It also seems apparent that the conclusion was going to be reached even if the 'block' had the golden arches on one side and a cock and balls on another. Actually, I suspect that may in fact have made the matter worse. We all know what you're up to Ronald, you prick!

Joker McDonald by shinix01 d4lem3o

Anyway, hold on to your seats!!! The Georgia Guidestones Documantary Movie is coming to a screen near you! Yep, I'm sure you know how I feel about kickstarters but it seems Mr Mike Reser funded most of this project himself and is using kickstarter to finish up. I'm really looking forward to this. There are not enough Mystery docos made nor art ones for that matter, but Mysterious art! The last good one I watched was Resurrect Dead so Reser has his work cut out for him. I just really hope the Georgia Guidestone Documentary has something to say rather than the usual New World Order ranting and tired Denver Airport links. Don't get me wrong, DIA is bizarre and I've no doubt some rich knobs think they control the world but not all roads lead to Rome and unless this yet to be realised documentary sheds some new findings on things, to me, the Guidestones are just a paranoid day-one bible. My fingers will remain crossed...



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