10 Oct 2014

The Sewers of the Sacred - Mark Powell

Dream Diorama 6 -  Publishing House

If you are anything remotely like me you'll spend your life searching and absorbing art. Art that many people wouldn't recognise as art. Small minded people. The ones who get eaten first. The slimy ones, who rattle off pointless names of pop and atrophy. Well they are not here and if so you know where the door is. Thing is, it's a fucken tightrope in here. This is the ground of Roy Batty, Robert Johnson, Ensign Kiyoshi Ogawa, Shain Erin and Alexander fuck you McQueen. Obviously Erin is still alive as far as I know but that's the thing. This thing, this producing or more accurately, this scrying, is brutal. Batty said it best so I won't bore you. I don't mean that in a typecasting, whack you in a box thing but more a pay the bills and occasionally eat some beans on toast way. Folk need a wee break sometimes. Having blatant, haunting and sharp still lives, paused and naked on the wall or shelf can be tough to live with. I get that. My three story mansion in Florida is adorned simply with landscapes and prize winning Bull paintings to ensure real life, the sweaty life, keeps it's homeless distance. So here we are, out in the cold fringe of a fat stinking nest. Sitting in the ally behind a trendy club smoking a shit joint, laughing at the hook and I miss Mark Powell. 

Dream Diorama 4 - Meat Fascism

Dream Diorama 4 Meat Fascism

I stumbled across The Sewers of the Sacred in 2008/2009. Those years are a bit of a blur but it was something like that. Powell was a revelation to me. A dirty fist, a burned short black. Like a meat Lynch, Powell scratches the surface just enough to bare truth in it's potent stinking honesty topped with bad acid and the sound track of intentionally under produced black metal of the tinny kind.

Dream Diorama 2 - Meat Orchestra

Ugly Spirit

His Dioramas speak for themselves so I'll shut the ranting and just post pictures. I should warn you though, Powell's site 'The Sewers of the Sacred' is gone. Long gone. I can't link to him and this is all the work I've managed to dig up from raving reviews of days passed. He used to be on beinArt but no longer. Type the name and you get some hits but I can't tell you if this is just a clever name or not. Fuck this war and it's casualties. It is forever and they are consistent. Like I said, Batty and others have well prophesied my heroes' durability but I think this is a prediction not a law.
I'll fire and medic where I can. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Look after each other. You know who you are.


Dream Diorama 9

The sewers of sacred

Meat Eater - Anatomy Lesson

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