4 Mar 2014

The Chariots of the Gods


I've managed to win a few battles with everyday life lately and get around to getting my Etsy looking a little more like a place to buy things. I seriously need to relieve some shelf space around the flat, it looks like an archaeology department exploded in here so don't be shy! You'd be helping a brother out.

Cursing Nails, African fetish

I've listed my Dogū in three colours, a few African fetishes and my Moon Child. They seem to be getting a bit of attention but we'll see. I've also managed to work on a couple of longer running projects - my Mountains of Madness prop collection and a few fine art sculptures. One of the larger art pieces has really become a labour of love. It's easy to underestimate these things at times but I'm hoping it'll all be worth the work. I've also finally had the printing of my certificates of authenticity completed too. I'm really happy with the final product and from now on selected item from my Etsy with come with one of these bad boys. I do love photoshop but I'm certainly no pro so it took some doing. The first to go out with one will be the Fairy Fossils. 

Fairy Fossil

Not really a Miskatonic item I hear you say? No. With the Etsy and specifically my Mountains of Madness set, I'm attempting to go beyond the books and fill in some of the questions the stories pose while extending the universe a little. Universities are strange places after all. More of that some other time but if you have a moment, stop by my Etsy if you get a chance. I'll sort you out.  

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