23 Mar 2014

Masao Kinoshita


 More often than not, when I find an artist I really like, words become rare. The jaw stopping Masao Kinoshita is no exception. His hybrid forms, fully developed despite an apparent lack of gravity or bound by protective layer, haunt, with potent Zen. The Japanese artists resin figures span children's play room with the likes of "Teddy" to the Hindu spiritual plains with "Yoga Asura".


Yoga Asura

 His work is impressive to say the least but when you take into consideration the the size, Yoga Asura for example is 650mm in height, the detail is mind blowing. I'm particularly envious of his ability to create impossible biological structures, like the multiple shoulder joints of Ganesa and still maintain a natural posture. If this is not enough, his work is peppered with just a glimpse of tiny geometric elements, alien in biology and hinting at some mystic pathway or unimaginable heavenly attribute. The whole again takes hold, the angles slip into the peripheral and we are left with Kinoshita's fleshy Gods, puzzled at our inaction and adolescence. I love this stuff!


For more impressive sculptures and drawings from Masao Kinoshita you can visit his website here or his Japanese blog here. Please, if you find any detailed information about Kinoshita building techniques and materials, let me know.

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