29 Aug 2013

Yeah, I'm, I'm hip about time.

Wyatt was OK. OK in the decadent American drifter trying to do (right) while self destructing on the highway to hell. We've all been there. The most interesting have anyway. Not that it's a requirement but it helps sometimes to know where the edge is and it makes for a good beer story at the very least.

The Quick

 I've been digging the last few weeks, in boxes of mixed purpose and decision. I've the opportunity in my day job of doing the same but it's very different when it's your own shit. I managed to do it in NZ too and both times have had very different outcomes. I've been looking over a few sculptures, some craft and prop based and one art sculpture. Time away from stuff like this, things you are really invested in, can really teach you things. Perspective is a wonderful thing I guess. Everyone says stuff like that. Everyone knows stuff like that too but the slap of realisation is always a slap. Never softened by experience. Sitting here writing this I'm thinking who the hell am I to be even talking about this? I know shit. Point is anyway, I'm pretty pleased with my sculpture. Dunno when I'll get the chance to finish it but I live in hope. It really was a surprise to hold it, almost like a pair of socks or bottle of beer and then realise I'm holding Grandma's vase. I feel kinda good!

So grab some fresh eyes when you can. This is a personal note so please don't feel I'm preaching. I'm writing this so I can reflect on it when I need to. You see my good family lost a special person in the last few weeks to suicide. It was a hell of a shock to everyone and like most things in life, happened when we are least prepared to deal with it. I had only just left the country so missed the funeral, my chance to grieve and give my support. For the former, I feel cheated and the latter, so very sorry. Seems our young friend needed fresh eyes. It's hard to look into the abyss. Harder still when you don't think you will ever see anything other than. We need to know time. Give it time. Take time. I'm gutted for him and his kin. He was a great guy, brother, son, grandson and cousin. Our family was better for him and now we are not. Please, take some time. Know winter too will break but for summer. Give yourself some time.

Rest well Cam. 18 November 1989 - 6th August 2013

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