1 Aug 2013

Sketch books, The Birds and Bill Hammond. Pt1

I love looking at Artist's sketch books. There is something about the note, the ignition of an idea. I love to try and interpret the reminder. Elements and composition imagined and tested. It's comforting also to know others do and sometimes must perform these tasks. To me, it's also a very intimate experience between it's author and viewer. When faced with a sketchbook, anyone would blush. But it is an honour to be offered to check out what was never meant to be checked out. And always fun.

I put the word out asking if anyone would let me show a picture of their sketchbook. Even if it was just the cover. So I kept an eye on my email. To very much my pleasure, a few very helpful and generous folk sent some in. I was initially a little disappointed to only receive these wo. They are great pictures and in one case I felt very honoured to be sent a variety of images to choose from. But I honestly thought or wanted to get a few more to show you all. It wasn't long thinking about it that I realised what may have happened. I've mentioned here and in the post asking for them that a sketchbook is a very private thing. I guess there is more truth to this than I first thought. I completely understand the reluctance to release into the public domain something this private and I'm sure in many cases, one's secret formula's. None the less these are great examples of how simple and also, how complicated a sketchbook can be. They are also very reassuring in both these respects and this I hoped would be the outcome.

So, here are the images I received. I won't comment on the pictures or work, for it is not my place to do so but enjoy this very private experience. Please click on the image to be whizzed off to the corresponding links provided.

Alyn Mulholland

Alice Thickett

Thank you so very much for sending these in. I really appreciate it.

Grab some paper folks and have a doodle. It's good for the soul.

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