3 May 2019

Emil Melmoth

Emil Melmoth (pic stolen from the net)

If you haven't caught a glimpse of Emil Melmoth drifting through the the data waves you probably don't deserve the internet. I'm not going to rant on about how much I dig his stuff, I'm not sure I could express that enough even if I tried, so here's a few pic's I knicked from "Curiator". You have a gander at those and please excuse me, I'm off to look at more...

Emil Melmoth "study of death"

Emil Melmoth "expiatorius"

Emil Melmoth "holy child of the plague"

Emil Melmoth "arcane-XIII"

I had the great pleasure of viewing arcane XIII last year at the BeinArt gallery here in Melbourne and I can honestly say, these are even better in the flesh. Melmoth's work in my opinion is the bees knees. More from Melmoth here.

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