15 May 2019

Eirik Arnesen

From Eirik Arnesen.com - Eirik Arnesen (b. 1990), from Oslo, received his education in the figurative arts at The Florence Academy of Art in Florence Italy, where he studied sculpture under Robert Bodem.

King of the Rusted Crown

 His focus is on the human body and the goal is to produce carefully thought out works with solid construction and organic naturalism in order to create a convincing image of the human body in accordance with the realist tradition. 

Under the Weeping Moon

"At the moment, I strive to include several priorities in my work, first and foremost accurate observation of the subject in pursuit of work that contain some of the gravity and physicality found in the natural world."

The Dereliction of Self

 I am enamored with Arnesen's work. Through his youtube videos I have discovered a new ambition for the traditional sculptural style and absolutely lost count of the things I've learnt. Arnesen also has a patreon page for those of you over there where patrons are able to receive tutorage and advice.


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