10 Jun 2013

Sam Jinks

Untitled, 2007 - Sam Jinks

What do you do when you get bored making props and puppets for television and film? Sounds like a trick question doesn't it. Well I guess every job has a Monday morning so if you're Australian born Sam Jinks you take your silicon punches to the gallery. Melbourne based Jinks has 23 years of commercial sculpting under his belt, the last 16 of which have been spent peddling his hyper-(sur)realism on the white walls. 

Woman and Child. 2010

Of the "hyper" clique Jinks is my fav. Far more sinister than Mueck and somehow planted firmer than Piccinini. Jinks whispers to us about ourselves. From clay marquette to clay positive. Moulded and poured in silicon. This simple recipe is all that is needed to gift, or relieve, vital breath to or from his powerful figures.  He is surely a witch, or in cahoots with the beast. We may have to discuss the pitchforks soon.


Still Life (Pieta), 2007

It's apparent from his works like the 2007 "Still Life, Pieta" that the stories were fleshed out before we arrived, we are left squarely with the punctuation. Savage on the part of Jinks, for the tragedy is blunt force but it also seems to me to be a large part of the point. Caring, gentleness, is subtle, often lost in the mix, over looked or taken for granted. Worse yet, cancelled out. Powerful stuff. Do something nice for someone/thing today, and keep it a secret. It's magick.

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