29 Jun 2013

Blog about bloggin.

I'm working on a wee blog post and I would really like some photos of sketchbooks. I love sketchbooks. Hard working, scuffed up sketchbooks. If you message me a picture of yours, I'll post it on my blog, label it anything you like, give you photo credit and link it to anything you like. If you're an artist I can link it to your art page, personal page, a business, your dogs facebook page or a charity if you like. If you're not an artist, no worries, same thing. And if you don't want any arty weirdos sniffing around just let me know and we can link it accordingly. I'll link it to anything you like.
Doesn't have to show any work or sketches, could be just the cover, could be the dodgy top draw you keep it in. Anything, no rules except just a photo of your sketch book.
Watta ya reckon? Anyone keen? Flick me a message. You can get me on the Facebook on the right or at barryjohnlikesart@gmail.com

Thank you!!!

Here's mine...

My Sketchbook. Click here for the mighty Propnomicon. 

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