10 Jan 2013

Tracie Shaylor

I only just really stumbled onto Tracie Shaylor's work. Like a lot of social network connections they tend not to work until some kind of formal introduction. I was doing some lurking on the dreaded Facebook today and Tracie's Name popped up. Cue stalking.

I've stolen a couple of pictures of her work from her website which you'll find in my links or click here and you'll go straight to her bio. Very interesting reading. Ms Shaylor is primarily concerned with biotechnology and the associated ethics. I must admit I was certainly impressed with her work and not only because of the subject matter. It is a rare and pleasant thing to find artists who are not afraid to produce work with such immediate impact but who also strive to and achieve work containing readable and coherent ideas. Check it out, you'll be glad you did.

Eugenic overspill

Contra Naturam I

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