20 Jan 2013

Deacon, there's a fly in my cauldron.

Being a self abscessed moron, I have been able to enjoy a few of the fine things in life. My reflection for example. Unfortunately education has long eluded me and instead misunderstanding and confusion is often my basis for opinion. For this reason I have, for a long time held one pet peeve close to my liver (that's the beating one eh?). I've been interested in occult art for a long time but have failed to recognise both the occult and art in many forms. I can remember many times giving the response, “Yes but what is it saying?” “It's only a suggestion, where's the message?” “They are to scared to say what they really mean!” It has at time really pissed me off! I'm sure many of you may now see where I've failed and already know where this is going so please feel free too dismiss the rest of this post for I deserve it.

Cathedral of Saint Peter. Exeter UK

Being in the general vicinity of the grand Cathedral of Saint Peter (the current site est: 1133) in Exeter city in Devon I was inspired to read up on church reading. I've known about the occult nature of church design for a long time but never gave it more than a passing thought. I know right! Anyway, other than the masturbation that is St Peters “longest uninterrupted vaulted ceiling in England.” it possesses many notable features I and would urge anyone who has the opportunity to check it out. Click here for the wiki page or here for “How to read a church” by Dr Richard Taylor . I've found it really interesting to investigate the complexity of the symbolism contained in these buildings and more so concerning the readable history and the often no holds barred stories available if we just know where to look. 

Leo's mate and proportional gangstar Luca Pacioli

This church fancying like many of the best things in life turned me onto the “harder stuff”! Italian mathematician and monk Luca Pacioli was born in 1445 in Tuscany. He was as well as being a good buddy of no other than Leonardo da Vinici a bit of a bad arse. He published several works on mathematics, art and magic including the “De divina proportione” (1509). This particular work is concerned with mathematical and artistic proportion. That's right folks, the golden ratio. Until then mathematical and proportionate ideas concerning artistic layout and design had been very hush hush. Pasted down from mentor to student in both art and building trades and protected as vigorously as the good Colonel's proprietary knowledge. In my opinion this is also a telling point. Freedom it seems from Pacioli actions is knowledge and vice versa. The occult is in understanding the occult. Pacioli gives every Tom, Dick and Barry licence to paint. It is also interesting to note Pacioli's “De viribus quantitatis” on mathematics and magic, written at the during the same time and published a year latter than “De divina proportione” was divided into three parts. A man obsessed. Leonardo work is beginning to be re-examined after the article by Ian Suk and Rafael Tamargo in a 2010 edition of the scientific journal Neurosurgery concerning the hidden anatomical information in his painting. The same year numbers and letters were found in Ms Lisa's eye's. Unfortunately investigation of renaissance art in a occult regard is still shunned by academia but it seems we've only scratched the surface.

Piet Mondrian. Composition No. 1: Lozenge with Four Lines, 1930.

So the beauty of the golden ratio and right click, open in a new window took me to Piet Mondrian. I've found abstract art easy to dismiss as self indulgent. I'm not really interested in deconstruction unless it's in regard to fixing something. That's something I'm not very good at but I'm sure the idea is to put it back together in the original way. Mondrian's De Stijl cubism places extreme restrictions on his work contrary to my general impressions of abstract and as such is far from self-indulgent. His fascination with the golden ratio points also to another man obsessed. Here though, where is the statement? Is he all about the religious trinity? Is he questioning it? Is he looking for the basis of visual appeal? My initial peeve and the point I missed. A Nottingham based sculptor Alyn Mulholland produces some work in a similar vein. Geometric structures constructed of plates engage the viewer in light play. But what does it mean?

Alyn Mulholland. Rothley Lodge Commission.

The subtly of suggestion is the most powerful tool in occult art so much so it retains it's true essence. Occult, hidden. It is the art of investigation that can be taught. The lessons of life must be learned. The Tau represents the duality of the material world and the unified heavens. The material world is divided as are the heavens from it. When we choose we walk through one of the doors of the encircled Tau and find that which we choose. All the while the mysteries watch. The gods are good. They just want to make sure. On a side note I find it interesting when the Tau device is deployed in church design the heavens are also often divided but not completely by a Saint or religious figure.

Left: Encircled Tau. Right: Tau device used in church door design.

To hint at the mysteries of the unknown or other worlds is not nor has ever been the end of the statement. It is not saying I don't know anything other than it's is there. It is an invitation to look further. To consider ourselves in relation to. It's saying "I've looked into this. I enjoyed the process. You may too. I get it now. I've known to do this. I just didn't know that's what they were telling us to do. Yoda would be both glad and relieved. I've had a delusion that one must be obvious. I've thought to play an honest game of poker it's only right everyone knows who has what cards. I've had a belief one could teach any and all lessons to a passive audience. While all the time doing the same thing I've accuse these great names of. A few nights ago I was at dinner with minds far beyond my own and during the course of conversation I expressed my occasional regret at the name of this blog. Although I've already discussed the origin of the title, I often receive questions and more often accusation about the association or even more ridiculous, my own dedication. Many lessons are to be learned from all of this. The most obvious is don't judge a book by it's cover but further more read the book. Click the link for the pdf of Talks with a Devil. Any further question regarding my devil worship are now being handled by my press secretary Helen Wait. Please see her.

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