27 Jul 2017

Send More Guns x figure

"Send more guns x"
134mm x 58mm x 83mm

I've been interested in the slow but seemingly steady shift of political centers for a while now. Send More Guns x is an exploration of this. It seems caring is becoming monetized and our nurturing militarized. I'm not sure I know how I feel about any of this and that's the very reason I'm concerned, or at least interested. One apparent upside of this current atmosphere is that art seems very healthy. I think everyone expects it to thrive during adversity. I'm glad it has and I'm enjoying every minute of it. 

"Send More Guns x" is available as an ongoing run from today and a short run of the first 5, numbered and signed examples in blister pack on card will be available soon. If you contact me with a receipt for a donation of $10AUD equivalent made to a charity of your choice, made same day you order a "Send More Guns x" figurine (as long as it's not a gun lobby, gay conversion bullshit or anti immigration) I will give you that $10 off your sculpture. Please contact me by e-mail, Instagram or FB if you'd like one.  -b

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