1 May 2015

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I feel a bit like a stranger here at the minute. I know ya hip to stuff. Well, stuffs a bit busy on my end and I've kinda tapped out a bit. Not like "I'm not doing any more stuff" but more like, "I've gotta cut back on stuff here and there to try and get the ends to stretch a bit closer". Well, I've trimmed here are there, I've budgeted and evaluated. I've made lists and memos and sent apologises in advance. I'm doing it right and I think good but there is a ways to go. It's not how many push ups you can do but how many you can do after it starts to hurts and that's where I'm at. A bit jelly in the arms but I'm grunting and swearing like a (K)noxious sailor and the complications are not extraordinary. Just processes, apart from a dirty wee flu, hopefully not passed on, and as processes, will be processed.

Anyway, today has been a goodun. For a reason I'll never be or deserve to be privy to, the universe has sent a few kind words. Some short catch ups, messages and well wishes. Sweet tags like butterflies and moments of serendipity, played out like Lynch on ecstasy. The timing of so many today could not be coincidence could it? Perfect like? Fresh clay. I could go on and on tonight, I'm gushing, so before a make an ass of myself, Cheers! I'm doing everything I hope you expect me to be doing and some more, there's also a healthy dose of stuff on top too. New stuff soon, old stuff still and soon more old stuff and new stuff but with more catching up.


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