20 Nov 2014

Back in 5

I would like to thank every body who has taken the time to stop by my Etsy and a very special thank you to those who have purchased from Order of the old bones. It's been a great year getting to feel out Etsy and an test the quality of my craft item against some of the most amazing crafters in the world. Although the 'handmade' definitions seem to have changed a bit over the lasst year I think Etsy has a great community and one I've very much enjoyed being a part of.

As you may know, I am off in a month to get married to the lady of my dreams and in a freakish turn of events, will also be moving. Internationally no less. This of-course means I'm going to be very busy but it also means, for now, OOTOB will be closing for a time. I hope to be back up and running late January early February 2015 in a new city, with new stock and a new direction I hope you all will enjoy.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement. I promise, next year will be HUGE!!!



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