12 Aug 2014

Ricky Leach


There are not enough galleries in the world nor enough plane tickets to get to them all. This is one of the reasons I write so often about Artists I've stumbled across on the WWW. Ricky Leach has stopped me in my cyber tracks. Leach is a freelance concept artist whose clay creature work is stunning. Here's the thing. I talk about crossovers a bit on here but it is often hard to find good examples. Ricky's work stretches the boundaries of creature sculpting well into the realm of the white box so subtlety that both movie buffs and art lovers heads could well explode. 


As if the fine skin textures and obvious skeletal and fibrous tissue frame work is not enough, Leach removes and manipulates ever so slightly, holding dear to original form while breathing life or substance, shadow or mass to dreams, wishes and the quantum like so very few can. 


The healer


The Healer seems to be a project that Ricky has just finished up. A stunning piece that sits very comfortably between the new age, eastern tradition and 1970s psychedelic and early 80s sci-fi. In one easy trip Leach has bridged, gathered and harvested with all the skill of a Greek philosopher and posed his pile like Kubrick squares a frame. Stick a fork in me.


My job here is done. I have no words for Leach's work. This has been and always will be a futile attempt. Describing love is gallant no doubt but can never hold a candle to the feeling. I'm sure Mr Leach has a cornucopia of gestures ready in waiting. You can check out Ricky Leach on deviantart or his Facebook here.

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