7 Feb 2013

At the mountains.

Just finished a couple of versions of my Miskatonic University Seal. The dark version is in my opinion a little more of a modern take. This is produced by the Uni's secret society fraternity. The lighter version is a little more traditional although I think the font is still slightly mismatched. These are Part of a project I've been working on for a while. I'm afraid it still has a ways to go but feel free to enjoy these under creative commons licence.

Update- So after a little more playing around this is the new seal for my secret society project. I've swapped out the stripes and gone with a checker board for a masonic feel and ajusted a few other things. I'm happy enough with it for the moment but the finishes item will be a little different still. The motto will be changed and the Miskatonic University Arkham will also be replaced with the society name. I'll keep that under my hat for the moment but things are moving along.


  1. Voice, thank you for stopping by and thank you for your kind words. To be honest I'm not entirely happy with it and will be making some changes for my wee project. It seems a little too crisp or modern to me these days and I'm not really to sure how to rectify it yet. It has been a while since I've looked at it but I'm sure it'll come together. Thank again. :-)

  2. Hello Barry, I've been working on a sculpture project for college for about month and a half now, and decided to pick this logo of yours for some props in the stand that the sculpture is going to be sitting on.

    I've already given you credit when posting pictures in deviantArt and added the CC link, please feel free to give it a look, maybe to see how your work is being used or to give criticism.


    Have a great day, and thanks for such an amazing Miskatonic shield!

  3. Hey there Araita, thanks for popping in. I've just checked out your design. Very cool work. I really like the coffee cup too. I love coffee! Glad you liked it enough to use it. That's very flattering and you certainly are doing a good job of it. I will book mark you deviantArt page and keep up with your progress. It the spirit of serendipity I was just working on a little up date of my Lovecraft box set. It has a few surprises and a little twist. I hope you enjoy it.