3 Apr 2012

Austin Osman Spare

In 1904 at age 17 Austin Osman Spare had already exposed at the Royal Academy and a year later produced his first book of drawings and writings of a spiritual/magical nature , “Earth Inferno”.


By 1910 he had become the London art hipsters poster boy, opened at Bruton gallery in London and had been wooed by Aleister Crowley into the ranks of the Argentium Astrum.

Despite his increasing distaste for the art scene Spares career soared until the calculated release of “The Anathema of Zos” in 1927 which was for him a formal exit. From this point until his death in 1956 Spare dedicated his life to his understanding of the occult and magical practice. His work in this field has become the foundation of many practical magical systems including chaos magic.

Spare is now rightfully reconsigned by some as one of the United Kingdoms greatest figure artists not to mention one of the most important occultist of the modern era. A truly lost treasure

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